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I know you're busy right now and that you've got a lot on your plate. This invitation is for YOU to take 9 hours over 3 weekends and DEDICATE it to YOURSELF.

To remember WHO you are, WHAT you want and HOW to get there... Because CHANGE Begins with ONE MUM.  

Anchored on 3 Pillars, we discuss 27 Urgent Topics, with 72 Impactful panelists. See you from 10am-1pm on Friday/Sat/Sun. 

Join the Conversations. Be the Spark that ignites CHANGE.

Which Weekend suits YOU? JOIN ALL?

SELF Kindness Weekend (26-28 Nov)  


EVERY Mum is UNIQUE. We are flooded by well-intended advise from evreywhere, yet YOU know yourself BEST. It's TIME to look within & TRUST that inner voice - your compass of JOY.


Thought-provoking conversations to re-examine deep-seated, unconscious beliefs. Mindset CHANGES to Springboard you to Your next level. SPARK One Atomic Action towards a fulfilling life!

CHOOSE to Make that CHANGE Today.

FAMILY Unity Weekend    (3-5 Dec)

WHAT do YOU Want?

We say we want our kids to be happy & healthy. But, that's part-truth. The other part is, we want our child to excel in life. Is that causing a lack of Intimacy at home?


Find YOUR answers through our honest & insightful panel discussion. Which family member are you struggling with the most? What strategy can you apply to resolve conflicts? How do you SPARK love & create safe spaces?

CHOOSE to BE that CHANGE in your Family. 

  Fullfilling Work Weekend (10-12 Dec) 

HOW Will YOU Get There?

Do you know what skills are needed to stay Relevant in the New Economy? Even if you're a SAHM, what are alternative ways to provide more for your family?


Identify your strengths to create CHANGE in Your Professional life. How do you create your UNIQUE BRAND to STAND Out? Want to understand your Millennial kids better? What sources of income will be trending?

CHOOSE to IMPACT CHANGE at Your Workplace!

  • Want More Value? Upgrade to VIP Access

    • 12 Exclusive DYNAMIC Master Classes (valued at $1,868)

    • Conscious Parenting - "The NAKED Parent" Book (valued at $22)

    • Private VIP FB Group for Like-minded Community Interactions (valued at $494)

    Total Value of the 6 Months CHANGE Summit Extravaganza



    What is Change Summit?

    Most NEEDED Summit of 2021 with Mothers in mind.

    3 Weekends with 27 panel sessions, master classes and interactive marketplace. A hybrid where on-site panelists interacts online with our LIVE audience. Stand a chance to win prizes when you attend LIVE.

    Change Marketplace - Daily Online Exhibitions for an interactive Shopping Experience. Look out for the FLASH DEALS, PRIZES & STAGE TIME. Entry is FREE, but you'd have to Register to get in. 


    Change Summit - 81 distinguished panelists each bringing their wealth of knowledge and experience covering open-hearted, relatable, and actionable conversations for mums on the 3 pillars - SELF, FAMILY & WORK. This offering has an array of ideas and stories that you can't find anywhere else - all in one place. Check out our panelists page to find out more. 

    Change Marketplace - Many Exhibitors will be featured.

    Why Attend?

    Because you are worth it! Most mums are so stretched with the different roles that many are out of touch with what truly matters. We routinely start the day, go through daily grinds and retire at the end of a day spent. 

    It's time to BREAK AWAY from that routine to dedicate TIME to YOURSELF.

    To engage in deeper conversations. To discuss pertinent topics that you have been avoiding or uncertain about how to deal with.   


    MasterClasses - An indepth dive into particular topics, where you can ask questions specific to your situation. Because mere knowledge does not change anyone, Application does. SPARK the Change Today!  

    CHANGE Marketplace - Limited to 200 pax per session. Register Early for the Exhibitions you'd like to avoid disappointment. And please turn up! Someone else could have benefited from your slot. 


    CHANGE Summit runs from 26th November - 12th December 2021.

    Panel Sessions over 3 weekends are from 10am - 1pm

    (26-28 Nov) SELF KINDNESS Weekend : Who are YOU?

    (3-5 Dec) FAMILY UNITY Weekend : What do you Want?

    (10-12 Dec) FULFILLING WORK Weekend How do you get There?

    12 x MasterClasses are post Summit starting from January.

    Weekend Online Marketplace are held on Summit Weekends from Fridays to Sundays 8-11pm featuring an interactive experience with different exhibitors. 


    The LIVE Panelist session will be held on Mum Space Asia Facebook page, so please like/follow and TURN on ALL Notifications or FB will not prompt you and you'll miss it! Sign up NOW for FREE Access.  


    Click on the "Join Now" button to reserve your seat. LIVE Access is FREE but the knowledge you receive will be priceless.

    Upgrade to VIP Access Pass for unlimited recordings, 12 Master Classes and other Perks

    Meet Your Organizer:


    The change catalyst mum centric organisation that journeys with you to learn and grow. A fun holistic social learning platform to empower you with new solutions for yourself, at work with colleagues and at home with spouse and kids. Are you ready to be a Change Maker? JOIN our Mum Community! 

    Our Community Partners:

    Be the CHANGE you want to See.

    It is the days after an epic Summit that is the real test of our Resolve. Join our VIP CHANGE Community to keep your flames alive!

    It takes a village to raise a child. Let

    Mum SPACE be your village because you don't have to parent alone!

    The only summit that garners you for success in a holistic way.

    Transform 3 pillars of your life. Self, Family and Work.